All about Brazilians

Ladies there are many different styles of Brazilian Waxing, so educate yourself and know what you want and be clear with your waxer (we can help guide you as well). No need to be shy with your waxer, we’ve done this a million times, we are very comfortable with all of this and will be understanding and thorough in making sure that this is a great experience for you that you will never want to stop doing (warning this procedure is addictive)!

It is true that a Brazilian wax can be painful, but probably not as bad as you think. We at Healing Wizdom utilize many healing arts techniques to calm the area, clear out stress and ensure you the most relaxing waxing in town. We do not ask for your assistance in the area as many others do, we let you lay back and completely relax with warmies to hold, a de-stressing belly treatment and good conversation and décor to distract you (clients love our ceilings 🙂 ). Our method was created in-house, after studying the traditional method and then having it done on herself, Tamara was aghast at the pain and the 2 painful weeks it took her to heal from ‘the butterfly method’ (common fast method). Tamara then went back and perfected the method she created on herself, perfectly working with the hair growth patterns and the anatomy of the female. We are repeatedly told that it is by far the least painful waxing experience and it is commonly reported that the healing time with our unique method is far quicker and better. We will share more of our unique healing methods when you come in for a service. We also fine-tune the area for you with precision detail tweezing and ingrown hair maintenance, we have learned through our clients that most places do not do this fine-tuning, and clients themselves often go home and pull out the mirror and tweezers and clean the missed hairs and fuss at the in-growns: that is what you are paying good money for -> We take care of everything for you! We also offer a great discount for regular services (4-5 weeks) as it makes our jobs easier but even more importantly it makes your experience far more comfortable (ask any of our clients who have fallen off schedule and then vow to never do so again!) (Our discount gives 2 free brazilian services per year! Get on board with us and never look back 🙂

Here is some more information for you so that you can be well educated in all there is to know about this deservedly popular, yet genuinely intimidating, service:

  • Hair needs to be approximately ½ a centimeter long for a clean wax (longer for coarser hair that has never been waxed), again, at least 10 days growth is what is needed for a clean pull and the hair becomes looser the longer you wax. For a first time waxing, 2 weeks of growth is recommended as the hair follicles are much stronger when they have not been waxed before. It is essential that it is long enough or the area will not wax clean and tweezing is more annoying and time consuming. Having too short hair that requires a lot of tweezing can result in an extra charge or hair left behind. Just relax about it, know that a waxing is soon to come, and let those hairs grow a little 🙂
  • There is a product that we carry, ‘pfb numb-it,’ that can seriously reduce the pain of waxing and it is highly recommended, at least for the beginning waxes (must be applied 5 minutes prior to waxing). After the first few waxes if you get onto a regular schedule the pain becomes much less and you can decide if you still wish to use the numbing product. We offer a single application for $8. or you can purchase a bottle  for $30. and bring it to your appointments with you.
  • Before your appointment and in-between visits, exfoliate all the areas you wax, this will help prevent ingrown hairs (we also recommend and use in our services a good product for any problems with in growns.). Ingrown hairs can still occur with waxing, but they are usually much less than with shaving and often are less irritated and more commonly just a hair growing under the surface of the skin which you can see as a black line and the exfoliating helps free pre-wax. (We use in treatment and recommend for take home the best and least expensive ingrown helper that we have found -> tried five varieties on market)
  • Make sure to shower on day of service and feel free to use any lotions or crèmes as normal, it will not affect our work.
  • You can take as much or as little off in a Brazilian wax as you like: you can opt for a landing strip, a traditional female triangle “perfected female”, a more tiny triangle or even just a patch of hair right on top, the most popular amongst the youth however is the ‘sphinx’ which is simply removing all the hair completely. By far the most painful area to wax is on top of the pubic bone, so if the sphinx is your style, get ready to feel it: we at Healing Wizdom have developed a breathing technique that greatly helps reduce the pain in the most sensitive areas (some of our clients choose to practice this technique through the entire service).
  • We always drape for modesty! Yes, it is true that we need to get into all areas to get you cleanand we do, but we understand the vulnerability in this service and we do everything we can to keep this as modest and comfortable of an experience as possible from beginning to end.
  • The aesthetician should trim the hair down to the correct length if left long, you should not be asked to do this for yourself, as again, this is what you are paying for.
  • Skin lifting in the area is common in the industry, but we utilize a home blend of organic therapeutic oils to greatly reduce the chances of skin lifting and our clients are incredibly grateful! These oils also empower the immune system for optimal healing and resistance to all microbes that can aggravate this sensitive area.
  • Bruising can happen but rarely and we have aftercare products that can help with this and the bruises usually completely heal in a few short days.
  • Cleaning the back side is part of the procedure, the method we use is by far the most modest and comfortable possible, normal sleeping position on side. A few clients, due to modesty, baby step in this direction, but no client has ever stopped with the backside waxing once they bravely try it.
  • We use several pre and post products to help de-stress the body, keep the area clean, protect the area from any complication, and help the area to heal fast and thoroughly and we charge nothing extra for these wonderful helpers.
  • Healing time is usually only 24 hours and usually the client simply experiences some tenderness in the area.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly fine to wax during your monthly. It is true that it can be more ‘nervy’ but often this is not even the case. If you are bloated or experiencing cramps it is advised to wait, but if there are no extra complications, a tampon is all you need to have a great waxing experience any time. There is even the theory that you might get a longer lasting wax by waxing during this time of month-Ask Tamara or one of our fully trained Therapists for their ideas on this.
  • Also contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly fine to shave in-between waxing appointments, simply stop all shaving 10 days before your appointment. In fact, we at Healing Wizdom recommend shaving 10 days before waxing appointment (if no shaving complications) in the summer to make sure that you are bikini ready if a beach day suddenly happens. Best to stay on schedule and not change your appointment times.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to feel healthy, happy, feminine and oh-so-clean for all of your most personal equations.