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HEALING WIZDOM:  Best and Most Painless Brazilian Wax in Reno! Make the switch to the most relaxing waxing in town! Tell us about your most painful Brazilian Wax experience and get $10 off your first Brazilian Wax at Healing Wizdom. Read what people just like you said about Healing Wizdom:

“Most Relaxing Waxing”-It’s true!!

I’ve been getting a Brazilian wax at Healing Wisdom for over a year now.  When they say they have the most relaxing waxing in Reno they do not lie.  I would recommend either Bryna or Tamara if you are new to getting a Brazilian wax.   They do not disappoint!

Posted by Jamie M. on Yelp


So, this place is pretty much amazing!! I made an appt for my first brazilian wax, after years of shaving, time for something more suiting! I saw Nancy, she was very nice and made me feel comfortable the entire time. She works very fast and efficient, and hooked me up with some aftercare goodies, and a cup of tea to help me relax for the rest of my day. They offer so many awesome services, I plan on coming back for massages with my husband and a facial. All the ladies here are super polite and professional. So glad I found this little gem, and will be back again in another 4 weeks 🙂 Posted by Holly T on Yelp

Best in Reno!

Tamara is amazing and provides the most comfortable and thorough waxing available. This place is a treasure and you are always offered hot tea afterwards as you glide out silky and smooth.  Don’t bother getting waxed anywhere else!

Posted by Tawnya K.  on Yelp

Wonderful Wax – And More!!

Healing Wizdom was by far the best waxing experience that I have had. Tamara was wonderful, and truly helped to melt my stress away – even during a wax session!! I was immediately at ease when I visited the spa – everyone was incredibly friendly. I was recommended products that worked and were far less expensive that some of the useless stuff I have tried. This will be my choice every time I need a wax – and I can’t wait to try out other services as well!

Posted by megsaz09 on
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The only place I’ll go for a wax

I’ve been going to Healing Wizdom for about 3 months now – and it is the only place I will go for a Brazilian. I’ve had other waxes that were quick, yet painful and left me sore. Tamara has made the experience painless and even relaxing! She takes special care to protect your skin by using soothing oils and tops it off with a great cup of tea! I definitely recommend Healing Wizdom for those who want to have a wonderful, welcoming experience!

Posted by Ashley on


I absolutely hands down LOVE this place!!! I went to Healing Wizdom for my first bikini wax ever. Bryna was my aesthetician and she instantly knew that I was quite apprehensive about the process. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed right from the get go. She was so friendly, explained the entire process to me, told me everything step by step as it was happening…she just made it so easy! The environment is so relaxing, harmonious, clean, and private. I honestly think that this spa is the best one I have ever been to, not only because of the beautiful facility, but also the friendliness of the staff. Bryna did amazing work, and was so helpful and professional. I would recommend Healing Wizdom and Bryna’s work to ALL my friends and family!

Posted By Lindsay on
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I’ve yet to find an aesthetician as awesome as Tamara.

I was a client of Tamara’s when I lived in Reno. I’ve been gone for almost four years and lived in three different places and I’ve yet to find an aesthetician as awesome as she is.
Tamara I miss you!

Posted by Lori L on

I have been with Healing Wizdom since 2001.

I have followed Tamara everywhere! As I was new to aesthetics we had a few instances where my skin didn’t like the procedure, but Tamara always found a way. Now, I have moved on to bikini waxing and I haven’t looked back since. The staff is always so happy to see us and ask how are things are going in our lives. I really feel like they are my extended family. I love all them ladies! The shop is tranquil, relaxing and it feels like a magical kingdom. I once got a massage and ended up falling asleep. Tamara didn’t wake me, she just let me sleep until I woke up! I trust these ladies with my aesthetics needs and my life! I haven’t been to the salon yet, but hope to be in soon!

Posted by Maria P. on

Tamara does AWESOME Brazillian waxes.

If you have never had one……you need to. They are completely affordabe and necessary for any woman. Tamara completes the wax in a very comfortable environment using heat techniqes and gets every little stray hair out. Get rid of that yucky crotch hair!!!!!

Posted by Kristin S on

Highly recommended!

Just went today for the dreaded Brazilian… it was about as painless and relaxing as down under deforestation could possibly be. Tamara just came back from some much needed R&R and a business seminar…revived and full of good vibes and energy. I’m not a seasoned glutton for punishment but I guarantee this waxing will be like nothing you’ve ever had before. Products, technique, comfort and communication were unprecedented! Pros: Great location in Arlington Gardens, post treatment “tea for thee”, new computerized booking system that even emails you an upcoming appointment reminder, discounts for referrals and future bookings, blessings in abundance, credit cards accepted!!

Please tell them I referred you…good karma will follow you! :o)

Posted by Shawna C. on

Tamara is Fantastic.

I followed the advice of my fellow yelpers and am so happy I did! Tamara is a fantastic esthetician who pays close attention to detail. The spa/salon is very cute and inviting, without any pretentiousness. Love the atmosphere and kind souls at Healing Wizdom!

Posted by Nancy Pon

I looked on Yelp and found that Healing Wizdom had great reviews!

The receptionist was wonderful–after hearing my sob stories about horrific waxing with bad waxers, she made it so that Tamara (the owner and most experienced) would be able to come in early on Saturday just for me. Tamara is a healing artist; she’s also amazing. Just a little fact–A BRAZILIAN WILL NEVER BE PAINLESS. You can choose to go to someone who will make it *less* painful, and therein lies the 5 stars I have emphatically given them. She places hot stones in your hands to guide the negative energy away from your groin (aka, something to hold onto and maybe chew on), as well as a hot pad and weight on your stomach to guide even MORE of the energy away from your groin. Hippie or not, that shit worked wonders. She placed a hot towel to open up the pores, and away we went with 45 minutes of not-so-mind-numbing pain like I’m used to.

She talks, A LOT, and she’s got a pretty awesome experience record. Personally I’m glad when they talk; more attention directed AWAY from the hot wax being ripped from your nether region. This is not a trip to the beach, in the slightest sense of the term, unless you only remember the part about getting sand all up in there and it being an uncomfortable ride home.

All in all, I highly recommend Tamara for anyone else, as well as she will become my new esthetician when I move to Reno for school.

PS: When she says, “Wait 24 hours for intimate relations”, you had better fucking listen or else be prepared to have ice on hand.

Posted by Jamie L

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