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Many older tub surrounds are glued to drywall, as ours was. Let's calculate cost data for you. Walk-in tubs range from $2,000 to $8,000, about $5,000 on average. The price to install a bathtub liner is $1,800 to $5,300. Fill in above the surround carefully for a smooth transition to the wall board. Cost to Install Vinyl Siding Cost to Install Drop Ceiling Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cost Interior Door Installation Cost Replace Load Bearing Porch Post Cost to Install Kitchen Cabinets ... Tub … Bathroom remodeling in Richmond, VA, is all we do here at Re-Bath, so you can bet we know our stuff.Our licensed and insured contractors combine the warm customer care … Unscrew the shower arm with the pipe wrench too. On larger tubs, the manufacturer may ask you to set the tub in a wet mortar bed, which will mold to the tub bottom and provide extra support. How Much Does It Cost to Install or Replace Countertops? The average cost to install a bathtub is $3,924, but can range from $1,277 and $6,573, depending on the type of tub and modifications needed. Adding a new tub or replacing an existing one can help you create a luxurious spa environment for your entire bathroom. The average cost to replace a bathtub and surround is $1,500 to $11,000. When you reach the drywall, use a razor knife to cut out the area around that extends 6 inches (15 cm) from the top of your tub until the studs are exposed. This makes them a great choice for almost any theme, from vintage to minimalist. Then set the side panels (Photo 9). Set the back section of the surround on the tub rim, holding it in place temporarily with a nail above the top flange. Remove the overflow and bath drain shoe from the old tub. With a pry bar and oscillating multi-tool, remove the bathtub surround from around the tub. Tub Coaters provides bathtub reglazing and refinishing services in Baltimore and surrounding areas in Maryland and Washington, DC to restore the surface / enamel of your existing tub, making it like the original. The utility knife scoring method we show takes some strength, but it avoids the problem of cutting into insulation and hidden wires and pipes. Center and install the new shower valve and copper lines. If not, recheck your tub for level. If the surround is plastic, you may have to strip it off of the studs, drywall, or cement board as it may have been glued to … The cost to tile a tub surround ranges from $750 to $1,500. And finally, we'll show you a tiling technique that simplifies the finish work and makes the entire installation look great. The cost to convert a shower to a bathtub ranges from $1,900 to $10,400. We are still gathering data for this location. Use to Update and Renew Tub and Tile Surfaces with a Washable, Water-Proof Finish Refreshes with the look of Porcelain or Ceramic Tile - $6,573. One solution for a gap is to cover the joint with a thin solid-surface or marble threshold strip. When you’re ready to find bathroom remodelers near you, remember to ask about past projects and get at least three quotes before you make a choice. Then with a utility knife, cut around the edge of the tub surround to loosen the caulk. Shim spaces less than 1/2 in. The cost to remove and install a bathtub ranges from $750 to $20,000. *Joists and a concrete slab are not required for all installations. Clean and prime painted walls before tiling. Anchor the panels to the wall with the fasteners specified by the manufacturer. How Much Does it Cost to Install a Window? This tough and durable finish can be easily applied to ceramic, porcelain or fibreglass. Fasten the tub to the studs. You have to slide in new cast iron tubs. 1. The surround is the tile or fiberglass on the walls around your tub. Caulk the tile/tub joint the day after you grout. Hole saws make the cleanest cuts, but you can also make the cuts with a sharp 1-in. Mark the Layout Lines Webb Chappell. Let the adhesive set, then apply grout. Then run water into the tub to test for leaks. Garden tub prices range from $900 to $5,000. Cut 2×4 nailers the length of the opening, slip them behind the drywall edges. Reset the back panel and measure to the centers of the valve and the tub spout. Center the new shower valve on the tub, and solder it in place at the recommended distance back from the finished wall (Photo 10). Unscrew the tub drain and overflow where it joins the P-trap (Photo 4 and Figure B). Set the panels and interlock them with the tub and adjust them until the tops are even. Rust-Oleum® Specialty Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit acts and looks like porcelain and ceramic. Homeowners use HomeAdvisor to find pros for home projects. Here’s a list. Keep an eye out for wires and pipes. (Avoid bowing the surround inward when tightening.) Premium composite bathtub and surround combinations offer caulkless seams and more realistic tile and texture patterns. If you're tiling and have room to extend the wall into the room, then you may want the tile width or half-width dictate the spacing so that tiling is much easier and better looking. How to Remove a Bathtub Drain in 3 Easy Steps, How to Easily Dry the Inside of Latex Cleaning Gloves, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. It’s a cottage so I need something that doesn’t show dirt, flip flops are welcome all over the place! The biggest factor is the price of the materials. The price of a fiberglass bathtub ranges from $200 to $800 for most models. The panels should align within about 1/8 in. You should have some experience working with plumbing (P-traps and/or faucets) and basic carpentry tools. Fact or Fiction: Is Cheese the Best Bait for Mice? To tile around a tub or shower, start by measuring the height of the back wall from the lip of the tub to the top of the area to be tiled. If you plan to replace the shower valve, remove it now. They’re usually too bulky to get into an existing bathroom. Again, apply the tile with a … For copper, use a special dielectric coupling—a fitting that prevents corrosion. They’ve got all the features you expect from a high-end option, like whirlpool jets or built-in alcoves for soap. The cost depends mostly on the size, since this type frequently comes large enough for two. Avoid last-minute shopping trips by having all your materials ready ahead of time. Keep your arms and face clear of sharp edges. Pry the plastic cover off the faucet and remove the screws that hold the handle and trim plate. This project is a bit complex for a beginner. It’s the perfect item for a weekend bathroom upgrade. A standard contractor is unlikely to have experience in all of these areas. How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain Without Chemicals, Shower Bar: How to Install Bathroom Grab Bars, How to Convert Bathtub Drain Lever to a Lift-and-Turn Drain, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer). You’ve got a variety of options for installing your bathtub, including: The cost to refinish a bathtub ranges from $330 to $600. Pull off the drywall with a hammer and pry bar, working from the edges. You may need the extra wall space when you’re tipping in the new tub. Most options range from $500 to $2,000. Homeowners visit to find a top-rated pro to complete their home improvement project or repair. If water continues to drip out, turn off the main water supply and replace the shutoffs. A typical bathroom makeover can cost thousands to remove and replace the bathtub and tile surround, as well as install a new vanity. Use wide spacers and nail or glue them into place at the leg locations so they won’t shift when the tub goes in. Hold it back about 1/8 in. Asking for a friend's help — especially in removing the fiberglass surround — can help speed up … Shim gaps between the studs and the flange to avoid stressing the rim. Then shop for tubs and surrounds at home centers or kitchen and bath specialty stores. This job involves creating an acrylic liner that covers the existing setup. Most models consist of a tub plus three shower wall panels, which all interlock and seal. If so, pull out the old drywall and surround with a hammer, pry bar and your hands, starting at the top and working down (Photos 3a, b, c and d). It usually requires a larger bathroom. If you need to put in a waterproof layer on the wall or a new plumbing line, you’ll pay more. Protect the tub with heavy cardboard as you nail. Bathtub installation usually isn’t a DIY project, especially if you have to remove the old one. If the old waste and overflow connections are stuck, cut them with a reciprocating saw or hacksaw and unscrew the stubs later when the tub is out. Drill the end panel holes. (OK, a full weekend.). In this story, we’ll walk you through a basic installation process, beginning with what is often the toughest part—tearing out the old tub and shower. But don’t add nailers at the drain end of the tub until the new tub is in. A DIY tile shower weekend project is achievable as long as you plan everything properly and allocate adequate time for each required step. Walk-in styles mainly accommodate people who have a hard time getting into a regular bathtub. This is an affordable alternative to replacement, If it’s in good condition but has a few scratches or chips. Tub liners suffer a bad reputation for allowing water to leak between the old tub and the new liner. Your opinion matters! Look for an Allen screw in a recess under the tub spout. If you’re hoping to save the existing surround, be sure to find out if it’s even possible. It’s a great choice if your bathroom needs a refresh but you don’t want the hassle of a full replacement. Find the shutoffs for the tub—usually behind an access panel in an adjacent room—and turn off the water. This price tag could easily double with a higher priced tub and surround and fancier valves. The price mostly relates to the model. Figure the shim size needed to level it, then remove the tub and tack the shims at the tub leg positions. This also works for tile over drywall or backer board. And keep it free of grit and debris. Our tub/shower unit cost $300 (“Acclaim” by Sterling), and other materials (new shower valve, tile, etc.) Pull the tub surround panel free if the drywall is stubborn, then go back and remove the drywall. Set the back surround panel into place and then set the side panels. From tiny remodels to spa-like custom-builds, find your inspiration for your next bathroom project here. I’d like a 12x24 tile in a brick pattern. Home House & Components Fixtures Bathtubs, By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine, Typical four piece tub/shower kit including tub, two end panels and back wall panel, An acrylic tub and shower surround may not have the sex appeal of an enameled cast iron tub and an elegant ceramic tile surround, but it’s a lot easier to keep clean and looking spotless. with hardwood, metal or plastic spacers (don’t use softwood for tubs with small legs because the wood will crush). Chisel back any warped or out-of-plumb studs to keep the panels sitting flat on the tub rim. This depends mostly on the material, which runs $0.50 to $15 per square foot. The total depends mostly on the features and the size. spade bit or a jigsaw (from the back side). The area surrounding the tub will also need to become fully sealed to prevent leaks. cost about $200. Spread a bead of silicone around the edge of each hole in the surround and install the faucet plate and tub spout. The cost to tile a tub surround ranges from $750 to $1,500. Then measure the exact centers of the tub spout and valve and lay them out on the end panel. It also chips easily and may create a lot of noise when filled. However, this project can also be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Wear a dust mask if the drywall is moldy or you’re destroying old plaster. Now’s the time to plan this joint, while you can still remove the tub. Remove the Tub Surround or Tile . This style allows for free movement on all sides. Remember to Measure. Allow about 3/4 in. Most surrounds are made of acrylic and fiberglass materials, which make them light and easy to install.One-piece tub surround units are available for new construction or major remodeling, but if you are removing an old tub surround with bathtub still in place, installing a new three-piece or five-piece surround is often the way to go. You’ll pay more for natural stone and less for ceramic. The nailing flanges on plastic tubs are not meant to bear weight, so the tub legs must have solid, level bearing on the floor. Any small crack or hole which develops in the caulking along the seam between the liner and the vertical wall surround can allow water to penetrate and build up between the liner and the old tub. Then, starting at the outer corner of the end walls, tile toward the back wall and down to the floor. If you’re lucky, the new tub will meet the floor almost like the old one. Restore the insulation and vapor barrier. Our seamless walls eliminate grout, and wipe clean easily. If you have steel drainpipes, use a special “mission coupling” for transitions to plastic drains. If it doesn’t have one, it’s probably a spout that you unscrew (counterclockwise) with a pipe wrench. We recommend our users to update the browser. cost about $200. Installation tends to run the least if you choose a combo with built-in shower and surround. tile backer. Solid-surface panels offer the largest selection of styles, including faux granite, quartz and marble. Cover or disconnect the tub drain to keep the waste line from filling with debris. Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. The cost of an acrylic bathtub ranges from $300 to $14,000. How to Tile a Tub Surround 1. Placement in a new bathroom may run the least, especially if you’re putting in pipes at the same time. Acrylic is generally resistant to abrasion and fading, which is why it’s popular for families. Replace old metal traps with new plastic ones. Replace a Bathtub. You have about five to 10 minutes to set the tile, so don't apply too much adhesive over a large area. Before beginning, spread a thick canvas dropcloth over the bathroom floor and any nearby fixtures. The task described is not specific enough, Show me more context of what's included in the cost, Show me more cost per measure (ex: per sq.ft., per hour, etc. Since it does not retain heat well, it’s better for quick baths than long soaks. Set the new tub into place and check it for level. Wear safety glasses! If the old tub surround is held in place with plastic rivets, cut off the head with a knife or drill them out. Use a utility knife with a sharp blade and score several times until the blade slices completely through. Lay a thick ring of clear silicone caulk under the rim, and screw it together following the tub manufacturer’s instructions. But you may have a larger gap, or you may have to trim back the finish flooring to get the tub to fit. It’s not usually necessary to nail them to solid framing. The most basic service includes setting and fastening. Wrap a rag around the jaws if you’re planning to save or reuse the spout. You can add a shim later if you find a gap (Photo 11). Then turn the tub faucet on to make sure the shutoffs actually work. A full bathroom remodel may be required to handle the extra weight of the tub. Remove any moldy insulation and add new 2×4 nailers as needed to support drywall edges and the new tile backer that you’ll add later (Photo 6). of each other, tap the high panel down gently with a rubber mallet. Solutions vary with the type of floor you have and the gap size. Then we’ll show you how to install and replumb the new shower. Cut the drywall slightly outside the edge of the old surround. Plus they come in plenty of tile patterns if tile is your chosen aesthetic! The primary difference is in the cost of the tubs themselves, though hot tubs take less to install. You can expect to pay $700 to $1,000 for most standard-size models. Unless you’re a skilled carpenter and plumber, it’s probably in your best interest to hire a professional to do the job. From there, it looks like there’s a 1 1/2′ height of cement or fiber cement backing board that extends above the tub, and then some drywall-type backing above that. If you use a drywall or keyhole saw, cut carefully and keep the cut shallow. Otherwise, rework the tub leveling or shave wall studs to get a more perfect fit. Cut through the drywall around the tub and down to the base trim. Our tub/shower unit cost $300 (“Acclaim” by Sterling), and other materials (new shower valve, tile, etc.) Anchor these with screws driven through the drywall. The cost of a freestanding tub is $750 to $12,000, averaging around $2,500. Then install the bathtub and anchor it to the wall studs as recommended by the manufacturer. Then set the tile, working from the outside corners on the end walls and from the center on the back wall for a symmetrical layout (Photo 13). A typical bathtub installation costs $100 to $2,000, not including the price of the unit. Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Refreshing Kit Review: There is something to be said about the gratification that comes along with DIY projects. Drive them through slightly oversized predrilled holes (Photo 11). Remove the cut out drywall after pulling away the last pane. Begin by measuring the approximate length and width of your existing bathtub. Clawfoot tubs cost $600 to $10,000, averaging about $2,000. There’s an access panel to the plumbing side of the bathtub. But beware of one piece bathtub shower surrounds and one-piece tub/shower stalls. So far the bathroom remodel has … Using the tub/shower surround carton for a template, mark holes where the showerhead, faucet handles, or spout will protrude through the wall. Take these measurements twice! Miracle Method can save you up to 75% over replacement costs. Cast iron tubs are too heavy to lift out. When seeking to install a jetted indoor or outdoor tub, it’s best to start with hiring a plumber. Once their projects are completed, the members log in to their accounts and complete a short cost survey. Labor will make up about $450 to $2,000 of this total. Jetted bathtubs, also called whirlpool tubs, come in many shapes and sizes. Wires and parts to connect to the home's electrical system. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Most bathtub prices range from $600 to $14,000. Use a pry bar or the back of a claw hammer to rip the surround away from your tub. That's one reason we guarantee our seamless walls with a lifetime … Set the surround panels, locking the corners. Check if you need to adjust this mark to avoid laying slivers of tile at … Predrill oversized holes and drive special tile backer screws to avoid breaking the thin backer board. larger than the “rough-in” dimensions of the new tub surround (Photo 2). wedi building panels, five 10.5 oz. Divide the dimension in half and make a mark there. To reduce hassles later, check the dimensions of the new tub surround (including the nailing flanges) before you cut out the old surround or tile wall. Chisel off protruding studs and trim the drywall as necessary to get a good fit. Now finish the plumbing. This range assumes that you don’t need to adjust the size of the space to make room for the tub. Where are you located? ** This chart doesn't include the cost of joists, a concrete slab or any remodeling costs that may be necessary when installing either type of tub. When their projects are done, they fill out a short cost survey. Clawfoot tubs range from a classic 19th-Century style to a modern look with clean lines. Acrylic replacement tubs are light enough for one person to lift in and out, even in tight spaces. Each kit contains: five 3 ft. x 5 ft. x 1/2 in. Labor typically costs $450 to $2,000, not including extra work like hanging new walls or pouring a concrete slab. Miracle Method can save you up to 75% over replacement costs. Mark those points on the end panel and cut the holes. Mar 19, 2013 - Completely Customize-able showers from the Onyx Collection. (Here are details on replacing the shutoff valves.) Most people pay between $1,000 and $14,000 with an average price of $5,000 for the actual tubs, depending on the type, size and brand. With a fiberglass or acrylic tub, cut out a chunk with a jigsaw and lift out the tub (Photo 5). If the tops of the panels are within 1/8 in. If necessary, we repair any damaged areas in your wall first to ensure a solid, secure base to surround your new tub or shower. Most are 5 ft. long and 30 in. Cover the flange and gap with 1/4-in. Make sure to protect the finish of your new tub with paper or cardboard while you’re working. You may have to shift an old valve in or out to fit the new surround. To disconnect the drain lines, remove the access panel in the neighboring room that gives access to the plumbing. We compile the data and report costs back to you. from the edge of the surround (Figure C). Unpack the new tub and set it into place. Vanity counter and toilet are white. A cultured marble bathtub will cost between $2,000 and $5,000, installed. This durable, solid material retains heat well. ), Show me more information about my location. Installation requirements of a standard jetted bathtub include materials like: Not all installations need joists and a concrete slab, but almost all require glue, sealant, and hookups to electrical systems. See more ideas about onyx shower, tub surround, shower. In most cases, you’ll need to hire a plumber and a bathroom remodeler. The non-porous finish makes it easy to clean and warm to the touch. Because of the thickness of the flange, use 3/8- or 1/4-in. Break it up with a sledge. For the second row, cut another tile so you can continue the staggered joint and then fill in the rest. Steel tubs are tougher; you may have to remove drywall and slide them out, although you can often tip them up and out too. The possibilities are endless!. Hello I’m redoing a small bathroom and need to pick a tile floor. Measure height from the top of the shower base or edge of the tub to the top of the wall or tile wall, depending on where you want to enclose your shower. This price includes the cost of the tub itself as well as installation charges and materials. screws through the drywall to anchor them. [6] The most expensive options feature high-end materials like copper or natural stone. Builders (New Homes), Architects & Designers, Grout Cleaning Services Near Your Location. West facing window. The total cost to install a jetted whirlpool bathtub ranges between $1,500 and $17,000 with an average price of $6,500. And the unit is much easier to install. Cultured marble provides a sleek and stylish look, but it can also be brittle and scratch easily. For thicker shims, use boards or strips of plywood. This material is less expensive and lighter than cast iron. Tile the back wall first, centering the layout. This lightweight material comes in a range of colors. The project takes an average of 18 hours to complete, with a total range of 6 to 25 hours. The average cost of the tub itself ranges from $200 to $5,000 or more. Then predrill and fasten the flanges at each stud. The average cost to install a jetted bathtub falls between $1,500 and $17,000 while whirlpool hot tub installation costs between $1,250 and $10,700. Onyx Showers have over 70 colors and virtually any size base for an over-sized shower, a tub-replacement, or even a tub surround. Before you begin the bathtub installation, check the tub rim for level, both front to back and side to side (Photo 7). It is also quite heavy and may require additional structural reinforcement of your flooring. All these fittings are available at hardware stores and home centers in many sizes. This is also the perfect time to replace the old shower valve, spout and shower arm. Here’s how to measure for your new shower door (once your tile or the shower surround is installed). Also pick up a new drain and overflow assembly (Figure B), clear silicone kitchen/bath caulk and the other materials shown in the photos. Use silicone to glue it to the tub or floor, and caulk the edges along the tub and floor. How to Replace the Floor Under a Bathtub. The price of a soaking tub averages $1,000, with a range of $600 to $13,000. A new tub costs $200 to $14,000, depending on the material. Fiberglass, composite materials and cultured marble are next, offering you a surround that is much more durable than acrylic and tile, upping your projected lifespan by another ten years (20 years). Unscrew the tub spout and tub overflow cover. Caulk the tub to the surround and secure the surround to the studs. At this point, note how the apron (outer edge) of your new tub meets the existing floor. Remove any screws or nails from the exposed studs. Open the access panel in the adjacent room and loosen the slip nuts connecting the old overflow and drain to the trap. This type is freestanding and tends to be larger than average. In this story, we'll walk you through a basic installation process, beginning with what is often the toughest part—tearing out the old tub and shower. Finding old steel pipe in the wall doesn’t mean you have to replumb the entire house. Step 6 Lay the carton template on top of the panel for that wall and use a hole saw or a jigsaw to cut out the holes. You can make a transition from galvanized water supply pipe to copper or plastic (CPVC). It’s also considerably heavier than acrylic, which can be problematic if your floor cannot handle the additional weight. If you replace the shower valve and have copper supply lines, you’ll need soldering skills. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for caulking. This price tag could easily double with a higher priced tub and surround and fancier valves. backer board to keep the surface flush with the drywall (Photo 12). This depends mostly on the material, which runs $0.50 to $15 per square foot. If the old surround was screwed into place, simply back out the screws. To set the tile, apply an even coat of mastic on only a small portion of the wall at a time. I’m preparing to replace a plastic tub surround with tile. Although the biggest price variable is the bathtub itself, it’s important to consider other factors like the condition of the existing plumbing or the surface. It’s usually hard to get an old tub out in one piece. Enameled steel bathtubs cost $200 to $1,000. How Much Does it Cost to Install or Replace Kitchen Cabinets? The price point depends mostly on the features, like jets. Most faucets are held by screws. Add shims to fill gaps and keep the flange straight. There are many options for materials when replacing your bathtub. If you replace the shower valve and have copper supply lines, you’ll need soldering skills. An attractive Tub Surround like this one has many style and ease of installation advantages over traditional and high maintenance ceramic tile, not the least of which is the reduced likelihood of leakage, the attractive, ready to go built-in shelving, and the ease of keeping it clean and sparkling. Soaking tubs can be drop-in or freestanding. After compiling and organizing the data, we report it back to you. Our bathtub used special attachment clips, which we fastened with roofing nails driven just above the flange (Photo 8). Finally, grab a corner of the surround and carefully pull it off … Find hiring guides, material costs, expert advice, how-to's and more.

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